Trevor Wigley

31.3.1947 -30.6.2007



On the 31st March1947, Trevor was born to parents George and Janet Wigley in Cudworth Barnsley. He grew up into a loving and lively man and what you would call a real character.

In 1963 he met and fell in love with Jean, together they had two children Mark and Cheryl. Their idea for Trevor to start up his own vehicle dismantling paid off and turned into Trevor's life and hobby.

Trevor built his business with hard work and determination which started from just one bus ( as pictured above ). He achieved a lot of success and respect and became one of the largest dismantling companies in England.

Trevor was also well known for his kindness and compassion towards local youth and special needs groups, giving donations to groups such as majorettes, football teams, sick children and the visually impaired ( for which he was honoured by having a dog he helped to sponsor named after his line of business "Scrap" )

Rockingham children's home were also delighted when at Christmas time Trevor and uncle Brian from P.V.S. Barnsley who is in the same line of business landed their helicopter at the home dressed as father Christmas with presents for all the children. African children were also touched by his kindness when he paid for a water tank putting into their village so they could have clean water to drink and wash.

There are also many, many more charities & groups he has help over the years with his kindness & generosity.

Trevor will be sadly missed by all who knew him. He leaves a legacy of two children Mark and Cheryl who continue to live in their fathers footsteps running Trevor's business. Trevor also leaves five grandchildren Sarah, Curtis, Courtney, Nathan and Maddie.

We would like to thank our staff, friends and customers for all your support over the years, without you our dad couldn't have achieved his dreams.


To know our Dad was to love him. all rights reserved 2008